enigmatic signifier

Charles Jencks. The Language of Post-Modern Architecture. Rizzoli. 1977.
Animation on Charles Jencks Iconic building theorem.

charles jencks jencks iconic building enigmatic signifier

* Critical Modernism - Where is Post Modernism going?, Wiley Academy, London, 2007.
* The Iconic Building - The Power of Enigma, Frances Lincoln, London, 2005.
* The Garden of Cosmic Speculation, Frances Lincoln Limited, London, October 2003.
* The New Paradigm in Architecture, (seventh edition of The Language of Post-Modern Architecture), Yale University Press, London, New Haven, 2002.
* Le Corbusier and the Continual Revolution in Architecture, The Monacelli Press, 2000
* Architecture 2000 and Beyond, (Critique & new predictions for 1971 book), Academy, Wiley, May 2000
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* The Language of Post-Modern Architecture, Rizzoli, NY 1977, revised 1978, Third Ed. 1980, Fourth Ed. 1984, Fifth Ed. 1988, Sixth Ed. 1991, Academy Editions London 1977, 1978, 1980, 1984, 1991.
* Modern Movements in Architecture, Anchor Press, NY 1973.
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interesting Japanese compilation

With a very obscure and interesting Japanese compilation in tribute for the great philosopher Michel Foucault, Doppelganger Records raise an important question in the field of discussion around what a tribute album really is. A tribute album to a certain band will most likely have cover versions of the certain band. A tribute to books, movies, historical events, these are all possible with "loading" the music with a musical or conceptual element or characteristics of the subject in question. But when the object is an idea, or a set of ideas, how do you make a musical tribute to it?

The seven contributing artists for this compilation are described inside the insert sleeve. Each artist described in means to distinguish her or him from the other, with past and present projects mentioned, like a tiny CV. This, in the way of Foucault, is the secret. While he is the subject of the album, while this is dedicated to him, every compilation album is actually made in order to expose artists and give them stage, whatever the subject may be.

With this in mind, "Un Nuit Dysopia" is a very strange and fascinating album. Makryham begins with a very minimal track. As peculiar wooden whistles fly by a gentle bed of small acoustic sounds. Very meditative beginning to this album. Bunk Data is far more haunting and claustrophobic, forcing the listener to deal with the sound of numerous conversations at once. At times it sounds just like an underground train station, but there are moments where you can almost be sure this is just inside your head.
Kol Sonzlgn bring it back to minimal again, this time with sporadic, yet very sensible guitar strumming. This deep, spacey musical passage is also touched with the a blues like aura and is one of the best tracks on this album. It develops really nicely and become more engulfing and dominant as minutes pass.

Sara Ayers follows with a sublime track of heavenly sounds, covering with their warmth an incomprehensible voice. Her dreamy track is also very powerful and interesting to listen to after the previous one. "Mystery of Hadness" by Ergo Phizmiz is a freak out circus extravaganza, monstrously combining The Residents, The Tiger lilies and a Balkan folk traditional band, all playing different things at the same time. Monstrous and beautiful.

Henry Gwiazda, in a way, continues this way. "TheOtherWilderness" sounds like several improvisation attempts, done at once, in the first few minutes, and this yields some interesting results. It then changes to a vocal mayhem and Gwiazda then manage between the musical elements that were introduces in this track, resulting in an odd musical exhibition. Closing the album is Ryuta.K, with a track that reminds me of the album's opening. The twisting, squeaking whistles are back in a more intense track, growing even more claustrophobic than before. The voices almost bid us farewell before they are swallowed inside the whistles. This night, seven tracks long night, was very demanding and intense. And these seven dystopian stars shining through it have made it all the more interesting and enjoyable.
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Endless Ascent( 1)

ea009 - Sara Ayers - Ambient Collaborations

Sara Ayers: Ambient Collaborations is a collection of works created by vocal composer Sara Ayers and a stellar group of musicians from around the world.

Download Full Album:

ea009 - Sara Ayers - Ambient Collaborations (52.0 MB)

Download Songs:

Track 01 - Shirley Collins (10.1 MB)
A dense, angelic and foreboding soundscape that strikes an uneasy balance between ecstasy and horror, from Kyzyl To Samarkand, a 5-song, 51-minute project with Japanese dark ambient experimentalist Ryuta.K.

Track 02 - The Canoe and the Waterfall (6.15 MB)
Plaintive yet dazzling waves of luminous sound envelope the listener in this exquisite piece from Touch by Falling You, Californian John Zorko's long-running collaborations with an array of female vocalists.

Track 03 - Not Even All The Stars (8.41 MB)
Vocal choruses evolve into a dense mass that is at once soaring and heartbreaking. From the EP Thrice Thy Heart Will Broken Be, the first release in an ongoing partnership with ambient vocalist Jeff Sampson of Colorado.

Track 04 - Fog (11.8 MB)
A dark and creepy journey through an unseen landscape evokes the feeling of floating down a river of nightmares in this collaboration with Massachusetts-based noted dark ambient master Mindspawn.

Track 05 - Excerpt From EMIL-Live - 03/15/2003 (10.4 MB)
This sparkling yet wistful lamentation was a live improvisation by Nebula Drone, a trio from Cologne, Germany, that used samples from "Drowning in Light."

Track 06 - They Also Remain Elsewhere (4.64 MB)
Voices, guitar, cymbals and static coalesce into a dream of Cossacks on the vast Russian steppes. From the first release by Star Crossed Others, an ongoing collaboration with Oleg Gaponov and Oleg Tolstolutsky of Rostov-on-Don, Russia.


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post-modern deconstructivism with socialist realism

Gabor Bachman

From Abitare 480, March 2008.
Gabor Bachman
Who has heard of the “Herman Finsterlin” of the early 21st century? If you don’t, have a look at Gabor Bachman’s site dedicated to his wonderful projects, paintings, drawings and architectural models. Bachman, born in 1952 in Pécs (Marcel Breuer’s birth place), contributed as a founding member of the Na-Ne collective to the Hungarian Revolution of 1989. On his website Bachman presents “Museum Russia”– his newest project – which combines post-modern deconstructivism with socialist realism. The heroes of the working class are no longer to be found painted on the outside walls but integrated in the architectural structure itself! Poetic, provocative and never nostalgic, “Museum Russia” offers a new perspective on the official architecture of the socialist “Eastern-Europe” and invites us to reformulate our views.

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charming and irritating,misc


Seeing the track title "Requia for Ethnic Cleansing" on a release on Russian post-industrial label/distributor Zhelozebeton could lead you to imagine something very different to what this actually is. Rather than a dystopian and even slightly suspect post-Soviet soundscape, what you get here is a real oddity - a Japanese act producing what they call "schizopoetry" in a jumbled mixture of various languages.
What this amounts to is a truly strange and esoteric brew which may intoxicate some but will drive away others on first exposure. It will appeal to those seeking something truly strange and hard to imagine. With four tracks and lasting little more than 20 minutes this is a very concentrated dose of 'whatever this is.' The music is proudly irrational and even childlike, deliberately nonsensical and (mostly) terminally obscure.
"Partizan" features desultory acoustic guitar and mumbled, painful, vaguely Tom Waits-like vocals, which is fine if you like that sort of thing. "Ono Sendai" is the best produced and most interesting track. It's a sorted of haunted indietronica that slowly builds into an ambient piece on the lines of Steve Reich's guitar pieces and has a strange charm. "Kurz-y-nuy" returns to a Tom Waits style vocal underpinned by what sounds like a reverse tape loop. "Requia for ethnic cleansing" itself is equally charming and irritating, the falsetto vocal is mournful and evocative. This is offset by muzak elements and what again seems to be a reverse effect. For me this triggers a strange reminder of (and desire to listen to) the dystopian reverse funk of the Bunker Records project Shitcluster, masters of this technique. Eventually gunfire sounds intrude towards the end of the track but in a curiously polite and modest way.
In its own terms and for whatever target audience (if any) that it may have, this brief collection is probably a brilliant success, but its appeal will definitely be limited - this one is only for true connoisseurs of weirdness.

-- Alexei Monroe [4/10]

i should want to be alan lomax in new domain これはルーツを持たない我々の再帰的な言及なのかもしれない。ちょうど僕らはシルクロードとアメリカーナ の場が届かない穴に生まれ落ちた。新しい領域はシームレスで即時的な環境(デジタル)である。 そこで奏でられる音はワールドミュージックと我々が呼んでいるものにちがいない。 deemployedは生産の諸関係の再生産から の抜けおち、つまりは主体化の失敗さらにはルーツをもたない我々の象徴化からの抜けおちをもしめしていないだろうか?

--by ovrdose kunst themselves(japanese)

We got un nuit dystopia

--Another description (japanese)

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Richard Marsden

The Nature of Capital: Marx after Foucault
by Richard Marsden. 238 pgs.
Read the complete book The Nature of Capital: Marx after Foucault by becoming a questia.com member. Choose a membership plan to an academic-level library with more than 67,000 full-text books, 1.5 million articles, an entire reference set with a dictionary, encyclopedia, thesaurus plus a collection of digital tools to organize your information.
publication details
Contributors: Richard Marsden
Publisher: Routledge
Place of Publication: London Publication Year: 1999
Subjects: Foucault, Michel, Capital, Marx, Karl,--1818-1883
Stefan Legrand
1. The Nature of Capital: Marx after Foucault
Book by Richard Marsden; Routledge, 1999
Subjects: Capital, Foucault, Michel, Marx, Karl--1818-1883
...order Anthony de Jasay 8 Max Weber and Michel Foucault Parallel life works Arpad Szakolczai 9...Theoretical Texts Peter Ekegren 20 The Nature of Capital Marx after Foucault Richard Marsden The Nature of...

2. Political Discourse in Exile: Karl Marx and the Jewish Question
Book by Dennis K. Fischman; University of Massachusetts Press, 1991
Subjects: Communism And Judaism, Judaism--Influence, Marx, Karl--1818-1883
...Moses to Herzl and Martin Buber, to whom the epithet Jew has been more persistently applied than Marx." 9 Born in 1818 in the ancient city of Trier, Karl Marx descended from three centuries of rabbis on both sides of his family tree, including scions of the illustrious Heschel...

3. Karl Marx and Prophetic Politics
Book by Neal Riemer; Praeger Publishers, 1987
Subjects: Communism And Society, Marx, Karl--1818-1883
...existing nineteenth century bourgeois capitalist order. Here I treat, particularly, Marxs...Robert C. Tucker, Philosophy and Myth in Karl Marx , p. 3: "Far from deciding that a communist...struggle for the next forty years 1843-1883 " p. 30 ; and "Marxs belief in the rational...

4. Communism and Nationalism: Karl Marx Versus Friedrich List
Book by Roman Szporluk; Oxford University Press, 1991
Subjects: List, Friedrich--1789-1846--Views On Nationalism, Marx, Karl--1818-1883--Views On Nationalism, Nationalism And Communism
...between Communism and capitalism: as was the case in the...manuscript, and to Michelle Wynn who edited an early...have no country" -- Karl Marx 1848 "Between...Introduction In March 1845 Karl Marx began to write a critical...

5. Karl Marx: The Story of His Life
Book by Franz Mehring, Edward Fitzgerald; University of Michigan Press, 1962
Subjects: Marx, Karl--1818-1883
...and France. Death of Marxs daughter Jenny. 1883 14th March Death of Karl Marx. 1885 Second volume of Capital published. 1894 Third volume of Capital published. 1895 Death of Friedrich Engels. KARL MARX the...
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the Merce Cunningham He was 90

Merce Cunningham, the avant-garde choreographer whose
unorthodox approaches and discoveries throughout a
six-decade career made him one of the most important artists
of the 20th century, influencing filmmakers and directors as wellas choreographers worldwide, died Sunday night,
the Merce Cunningham Dance Foundation said. He was 90.
No cause of death was reported.

With his Merce Cunningham Dance Company, founded in New York in 1953, Mr. Cunningham collaborated with composer John Cage (with whom he also had a romantic partnership) and painters Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol and other major figures in the modern art world. He created a body of work that looks like none other -- plotless, spacious and often leisurely paced works, characterized by the clarity, calm and coolness of the dancing. He also developed an elegant and rigorous dance technique based on ballet's pulled-up stretchiness, the weightedness he absorbed from Martha Graham, with whom he danced before striking out on his own, and his own ways of twisting, folding and releasing the body.

But his achievement is not limited to style, subject matter, quantity of works (nearly 200) or even the extraordinary longevity of his world-renowned troupe in a field known for spotty funding and wavering public support. Mr. Cunningham also invented radical working methods that exploded the mold and produced new ways of moving.

Simply put, Mr. Cunningham expanded what is possible in dance.

From his earliest works to his last, Mr. Cunningham flouted convention, embracing the unknown and the unpredictable. For example, in "eyeSpace" (2006), the audience was loaned pre-loaded iPods and encouraged to shuffle the specially commissioned musical selections at will.
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Ain't no guru that gonna kill my fears

I had this vision of you dancing in my head
At the crack of dawn in someone else's bed
Did things to her that belongs to you
Done things to her I never thought I'd do
But there's no end to what I don't know
There's no end to the way I feel
Nothing in here's worth dying for
Nothing in here's for real

Ain't no drug that gonna cure this pain
Ain't no God to stop that rain
Ain't no whiskey that gonna drown these tears
Ain't no guru that gonna kill my fears

There's nothing worse than things
You can't put your finger on
And things you can't see
You just know some dirty deeds are going on out there

Free my soul

FRom; In The Shadow Of The Circus
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StillStream Featured Releases

StillStream Featured Releases
Kyzyl to Samarkand
by Sara Ayers and Ryuta.K
(April 30, 2009) - One of the most profound and hardest-hitting
ambient releases of 2008 was this dark and ethereal collaboration
by two of the genre's greatest voices, vocal ambient artist Sara Ayers
and dark ambient artist Ryuta.K. And what a stunning release it is.
It just doesn't get any better than this, and we are proud to feature
an album with such a distinctive artistic vision. Simply some of the most beautiful,
foreboding ambient music we have ever heard.&
schizopoiesis kunst
Records of the Year 2008/NO.3
No.1The Drift
by Scott Walker
Label: 4AD
Genre :Experimental music,leftfield
No.2Black Sea
by Fennesz
Genre :Glith/ambient
No.3kyzyl to samarkand
by Ryuta.k+sara ayers
Label:Dark wood Records
Genre :Ambient / leftfield/Pagan

Tags: ambientryuta.k, samarkand, ayers, circle, kunst, kyzyl, magic, pagan,
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Sujet A venir

Sujet A venir/VA-CDR-[DPCDR-141]
販売価格: 1,200円 (税込)

★試聴出来ます♪ジャケットをクリックして下さい。real audioなどがが必要です。★


Compilation CDR 第弾!!Ambient,Experimental,electronicaまで7tracks収録。

artist/song title
1Overdose kunst
-Down in Ganymedes.
how east Chukotka.
3Mark Tamea -
Glacial Reflection One.
-baba yaga.
5Overdose Kunst
-Planck long death.
6Jad fair(Half japanese)
7Neue yapon Kunst
- post ancient lament.
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ART iT is a visually oriented, all bilingual (Japanese and English) quarterly magazine introducing the latest trends in the contemporary art scenes of Japan and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region. ART iT features comprehensive interviews with topical artists, in-depth articles on current art-related subjects, and detailed information on exhibitions at top museums and galleries throughout the Asia-Pacific. ART iT is an innovative, ambitious attempt to produce an art magazine for the world of which Japan and the whole of the Asia-Pacific region can be proud.

The rest of the world knows little of the Asia-Pacific, and countries in the Asia-Pacific little of each other. This is a great shame, and needs to be rectified. Our hope is that ART iT will act as a bridge, a builder of networks linking countries and people inside and outside the region, and within it.

Since the first issue of ART iT was published in October 2003, distribution has expanded to many countries in Asia, and parts of Europe. The eleventh issue in April 2006 marked our full sales launch in the United States and Canada through Ingram, North America's largest magazine wholesaler. Here at ART iT, we are committed to supplying up-to-date, useful information to art fans around the world. Join us for the ride: we know you'll enjoy it.
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Negative view

ryuta1.jpgUnfortunately or not, but after his previous releases on Dark Winter, signed under "Ryu" moniker, i.e. "Castration" and "Depressed", the Japanese mad art composer went no further than collecting weak sounds. With the third release, it would be at least the right time to change the sound equipment, else the sounding becomes really unpleasant. First track's ("Hegelian Distress") samples are poorly recorded, and sometimes they produce an overamplifying flanging effect (at the time I suppose they should not), contain scratches, and the voice overlapped on these rustles doesn't add anything significant. Obviously the author tries to create a deep atmosphere, since the recording is strictly split to both stereo channels, but nothing in the middle makes it actually very flat. The next continuation, "Hunterwasser 2019 L.A.", gains more success in creating something deep and heavy, which turns the head like into the pail with oil, but still has random crackles here and there, totally disconcentrating the process of listening. Still, it could be called the best release's achievement, and probably the whole album would become more balanced if all tracks would have the same sounding, but... its follower, "Newest Bolshevik District", suddenly goes further. Probably created with combination of field recordings and the sounds coming from the the outer space, at least it gives something referenced to previous Ryuta works, but it is unclear - how the two first recording are related to that? And why it contains 15 seconds of the ending silence? Also, it would be much more nice, if the track would be mastered or balanced, if you listen it on the high volume, in some moments you risk to break your ears. Going further, we meet "Potala Symapathy For Autism", . The atmosphere of the track, anyway, in many cases is similar to the "Hunterwasser...", but its generic balance stands out from the overall sounding of the album. Again, not the right point. Finally, the last track, "Wolfgang Blankenburg", starts with a boring and long intro, as few minutes ago we meet just a poor collection of echoed sounds with no heard achievement. Only in the middle of it, there begins to happen something interesting, even with some hidden melodic guitar sounds, but the pleasure doesn't continue for a long time.

In the notes supplied amongst the release, Ryu mentions: "Musical things mean nothing to me", adding the real order can't be reached in capitalism, that's why his compositions are so anarchic. However there is a lot of similarly experimental, chaosed works around that gain more deep level of the sound art. The current release couldn't be even compared to them. So the recording could be interesting for those who support the same Ryu's idea, only for Ryu fans (hey, are you a lot out of there, huh?..). On another hand, Darkwinter should take more care of their releases. It seems the label starts to exhaust itself, beginning to accept everything just to release something instead of nothing. But everybody related to music should constantly improve previous achievements... else it becomes a poor regular release, with no visible effect even on the very minor auditory.

Negative view(By ordinary sense)

Jacques‐Alain Miller explains about the other's discourse.
He means Person can't always make reference to himself.
Ryuta.K new Audio track includes signifiant without signifie;.
We never understand its word meaning ,even by Ryuta.K.
Because such word belongs to the other's discourse.
However dealing with digital system,we notice
its system belongs to the other's discourse,even.
Author can't always make reference to his music.
Author must obtain not Aid of new technology
power by digital system but poverty result with
such overamplifying effect or ghostly frequency glitch.

Negative view(By difference sense)

dw054 - Ryuta.k - In the middle of late capitalism (63.6 MB)
Track 01 - Hegelian Distress(song for ituji) (15.1 MB)
Track 02 - Hunterwasser 2019 L.A. (12.9 MB)
Track 03 - Newest Bolshevik District (6.96 MB)
Track 04 - Potala Symapathy For Autism (15.7 MB)
Track 05 - Wolfgang Blankenburg (14.0 MB)
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at tokyo electronic district akihabara

song title; kajimirmalevich
Artist;kol sonzlgn
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Band;Kol sonzlgn With new member:st.M
They plays Their old tune
;kajimirmalevich 08/12 at
tokyo electronic district akihabara
Usyukuro sound station

Communities: Metal
Tags: akihabara , metal , leftfield , wired , usyukuro
Folder Tags: Usyukuro , sound , station
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we selected 2008 Top11 Album

Records of the Year
we selected 2008 Top11 Album
about Experimental music,leftfield,
wired,ambient,Glith ,sometimes /pop,and so on...

The Drift
by Scott Walker
Label: 4AD
Genre :Experimental music,leftfield

Black Sea
by Fennesz
Genre :Glith/ambient

kyzyl to samarkand
by Ryuta.k+sara ayers
Label:Dark wood Records
Genre :Ambient / leftfield/Pagan

Curse of the Scarecrow
by Megaptera
Genre :Dark Ambient,
Death Industrial,Darkwave,

New York Eye & Ear Control
[Original recording remastered]
by Albert Ayler , Don Cherry , John Tchicai ,
Roswell Rudd , Gary Peacock

by Portishead
Label: Mercury Records
Genre :Trip hop

Black Ice
by AC/DC
Label :Columbia

by The Transmissionary Six
Genre :Alternative

Kafka/Toward minor trivial
by Various Artist
Genre : International,
Folk Singer-Songwriter, Alternative,
Easy Listening, Electronic Ambient,
Middle East, 20th Century ,

The Crying Light
by Antony and the Johnsons
Label: Secretly Canadian

And Winter Came
by Eithne Patricia Ni Bhraonian
Genre :New Age/pop
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The night of Dystopia

michel_fou.jpgAlbum title;
Un Nuit Dystopia/Hommage Michel Foucault
(VA)Artist---song list:
1.Makryham--Raymond Roussel:Dysphoria
2.Bunk Data--From Foucault's pleasure
3.Kol sonzlgn--Neue Panopticon
4.sara ayers-La Tache politique actuelle
5.Ergo phizmiz-Mystery of Hadness
6.Henry Gwiazda-TheOtherwilderness
7.Ryuta.k-Truth got broken since May 68
(Toward pan-tonal world music)
1to7 ;48.8 minutes


Makryham is experimental artist
who is inspired by Herbert Marshall McLuhan

2.Bunk Data
Duluth-Minnesota native Nathan Larson has been creating
various forms of electronic and experimental music for over
12 years under the names Samsa, Bunk Data, and Royal Obtuse.
Nathan was one of the co-founders of the Green House Music label
that released a wide variety of atmospheric and ambient music on
CD from 1999-2002. In late 2002 Nathan created the Dark Winter
net.label with a focus on dark ambient music. Besides his work
with Dark Winter, Nathan is co-curating the Wandering Ear
net.label with Mike Hallenbeck abd the Rotten Crab net.label .

3.Kol sonzlgn
Dark experimental schizo
usyukuro marxist band "Kol sonzlgn"
Their moto;
No music our life.
not cummunist but marxists.
we want only reach Kol sonzlgn
(Body without organic)
But it means Death.
But All schizod will happen.

4.sara ayers
Sara Ayers is an ambient music artist who uses
her voice as a sound source. The Chemical Brothers used
samples of Ayers' "Everyday We Die a Little" on their song
"Come Inside" from their album Push the Button. VH1 used samples
of "Angel #3" for the soundtrack of Behind the Music: Britney Spears.
And the Russian electronic trio Figura constructed an entire album,
The Sara Ayers Remixes, around her vocals.

5.Ergo phizmiz
Ergo Phizmiz is a diverse and multifaceted artist,
working across eccentric pop music, collage, radio-art,
installations, and performance. His work is disseminated
and presented globally on a regular basis across platforms
and media, and his reputation as a typesetter and creative explorer
is constantly growing.

6.Henry Gwiazda
Henry Gwiazda (b. 1952, silent i) is a composer who
specializes in virtual audio, the simulation of a three
dimensional sound space in either headphones or precisely
positioned speakers. He composes what may be called musique concrète,
using samples usually without "tinker[ing]" with them.
His most easily available music is on the CD noTnoTesnoTrhyThms,

tokyo-chiba based experimental musician ryuta.k(aka RYU)
releases mostly freeform ambient and experimental muziq 
since 97 with powerbookG4 ,max/msp,etc.
Also he has learning post modern Structuralism or Philosophy
or modern art(art&Technology),modernscience .
He calls The genre of fishy music he made
Post sampling kinetic nonhierarchical nonlinear nonequilibrium forth world muziq !
http://usyugana.hp.infoseek.co.jp/ michel_fou.jpg
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mayakov.jpgfgsfVladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky (Влади́мир Влади́мирович Маяко́вский) (July 19 [O.S. July 7] 1893 – April 14, 1930) was a Russian poet and playwright, among the foremost representatives of early-20th century Russian Futurism.

Michael Vasilyevich Matjuschin (Russian: Михаил Васильевич Матюшин; * 1861 in Novgorod; † 14 October 1934 in) was a Russian painter and composer, leading member of the Russian avant-garde. From 1876 to 1881 he received training in the conservatory in Moscow and worked from 1882 to 1913 as a violinist in the yard orchestra of Saint Petersburg. Meanwhile, he studied art at a private art school together with his life companion Jelena Guro and paints in this time a series of landscapes. Matjuschin ranks among a founder Futurism in the art. He attained a life-long friendship with artist Kasimir Malevich; in 1913 Malevich and Matjuschin, along with two further artist colleagues, writes the opera Victory over the Sun, whose set was designed my Malevich supposedly inspiring him to the development of Suprematism. Matjuschin writes the music to this opera to the works of poet Velimir Chlebnikov. From 1921 to 1923 he worked in the museum for artistic culture and belonged to the museum executive committee, whose department for scientific study of the organic art he led starting from 1923

Aleksander Mikhailovich Rodchenko (Russian: Александр Михайлович Родченко, 5 December [O.S. 23 November] 1891 – December 3, 1956) was a Russian artist, sculptor, photographer and graphic designer. He was one of the founders of constructivism and Russian design; he was married to the artist Varvara Stepanova.

Rodchenko was one of the most versatile Constructivist and Productivist artists to emerge after the Russian Revolution. He worked as a painter and graphic designer before turning to photomontage and photography. His photography was socially engaged, formally innovative, and opposed to a painterly aesthetic. Concerned with the need for analytical-documentary photo series, he often shot his subjects from odd angles―usually high above or below―to shock the viewer and to postpone recognition. He wrote: "One has to take several different shots of a subject, from different points of view and in different situations, as if one examined it in the round rather than looked through the same key-hole again and again."

Pavel Nikolayevich Filonov (Russian: Па́вел Никола́евич Фило́нов) (January 8, 1883–December 3, 1941) was a Russian avant-garde painter, art theorist, and a poet.
Filonov was born in Moscow on January 8, 1883 (Gregorian calendar) or December 27, 1882 (Julian calendar). In 1897, he moved to St. Petersburg where he took art lessons. In 1908, he entered St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, from which he was expelled in 1910.

In 1910–1914, he took part in the arts group Soyuz Molodyozhi created by artists Elena Guro and Mikhail Matyushin. In 1912, he wrote the article The Canon and the Law, in which he formulated the principles of analytical realism, or "anti-Cubism". According to Filonov, Cubism represents objects using elements of their surface geometry but "analytical realists" should represent objects using elements of their inner soul. He was faithful to these principles for the remainder of his life.
A Peasant Family (The Holy Family), 1914, oil on canvas, 159x128 cm, Russian Museum.

During the years 1913 to 1915, Filonov was close to Vladimir Mayakovsky, Velimir Khlebnikov, and other futurists. In the autumn of 1916, he enlisted for service in World War I and served on the Romanian front. Filonov participated actively in the Russian Revolution of 1917 and served as the Chairman of the Revolutionary War Committee of Dunay region.

Konstantin Stepanovich Melnikov (Russian: Константин Степанович Мельников; August 3 [O.S. July 22] 1890, Moscow - November 28, 1974, id.) was a Russian architect and painter. His architectural work, compressed into a single decade (1923-1933), placed Melnikov on the front end of 1920s avant-garde architecture. Although associated with the Constructivists, Melnikov was an independent artist, not bound by the rules of a particular style or artistic group. In 1930s, Melnikov refused to conform with the rising stalinist architecture, withdrew from practice and worked as a portrait painter and teacher until the end of his life.
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hello Leftfield musicians

Music featuring :

A sound unlike anything else in the world: Angelite (formerly The Bulgarian State Radio and Television Choir)
An innovative and inspiring vocalist, my favorite work is ABoneCroneDrone... Sheila Chandra

Voices, drones, dischords... Mary Jane Leach

Kafka/Toward minor trivial

A technically impeccable vocalist working in adventurous areas: Sussan Deyhim

Dark, organic soundscapes, recorded in ambient spaces with long natural acoustic reverberation: The Tunnel Singer

Interesting vocal experimenter: Amy Denio

Moody, processed bass and ethereal vocals: Basque

Intrepid explorer of the human voice: Joan La Barbara

Binanaural recordings that play with your emotions and perceptions: Janet Cardiff

The reincarnation of Meredith Monk as a dancer: Susanna Hood

If Jane Sibbery made quirky ambient music instead of quirky pop music, she might sound like Jehn Cerron.

The ethereal music of Falling You, featuring John Zorko and a parade of female vocalists, including me.
Other dark/ambient/experimental music:

Avant ambient atmospheres that sound startling like my own: Embracing The Glass. I'm pretty sure Jeff can hit higher notes than I can; that's kind of annoying. But I forgive him, and we've collaborated on Thrice Thy Heart Shall Broken Be, a 3-song CD EP.

Ryuta.K: Dark, experimental soundscapes musician and inspirational collaborator.

Ambient soundscapes, darker than night: Mindspawn

Dark, spooky and spare ambient cello soundscapes: Lena

Wild, ancient, delicate soundscapes: The Glimmer Room

Exquisite music from Cologne, Germany that sound sometimes like late Roxy Music, sometimes like Philip Glass, sometimes like Kraftwerk (and in the last EMIL Festival, they used some of my vocal samples) Nebula Drone

Superb electro-acoustic ambient music with non-Western influences: Forrest Fang

Ambient, deep-chill and experimental: Stephen Phillips

Vocal improvisation and experimentation: Joseph Zitt

Dark, ethereal aural landscapes: Mara's Torment

Matthew Florianz's pieces are more visual and evocative than most films.

Ambient, electronic soundscapes, recorded live ...DreamSTATE

Ambient, experimental and improvisational cellist: cheryl o

Organic textures & atmospheres from one of the masters. This is what I pull out when I have insomnia: James Johnson

Hypnotic, warm, floaty noise: Interweaver

Beaches of sea glass and forests of hurricane lanterns...Quiet American

Pholde/Knurl are Alan Bloor's ambient and noise projects. Fall into them.

Diatonis: Clouds of light and dark, sometimes minimalist, ambience and videos.

Richard Lainhart's exquisite, meditative, engulfing music and films.

Sylken: stunningly beautiful, spacey, noir-ish ambience.
Music that that doesn't sound like mine:

A man's man, a vocalist's vocalist: Jackie Leven

Intelligent, playful, experimental, innovative avant-classical: Jupiter Circle

My pal, the diva...she transforms a room... Rosanne Raneri

Kevin Bartlett's music has been described as "Enigma meets Steve Hackett at Mike Oldfield's house."

A sad, quirky, smart outsider in an odd time signature...Veda Hille

An early influence of mine, and nobody sings like she does: Buffy Sainte-Marie

Fresh, intelligent jazz that makes you shut up and listen...Adrian Cohen

Acoustified punk/soul and intelligent running commentary... Bryan Thomas

Dark, ethereal pop...Amy Abdou

Experiments in chaos and perception: Zero Times Infinity

New music for Indonesian Instruments: Son Of Lion Gamelan

Mercury Rev's flautist Suzanne Thorpe's new project, The Wounded Knees

TLStone used to be a Moron, but now he's one of the Last Conspirators.

J Mundok:writer and musician. Complicated remains one of my favorite pop songs of all time, and Beginning, a sort of stations of the cross of the attack on the World Trade Center, always makes me weep.
Art and stuff

G. C. Haymes: My collaborator in life and art. He used to do this for a living. Now he does this for fun.

Charles Haymes: Space Art and Fantasy Worlds.

Ed Atkeson: Artist, ice sailor, typography expert and gallery owner.

Marie Triller: World class photographer and roller-blading buddy.

Michael Eck: Musician, Artist, Reno Brother.

Dennis Herbert:Musician, Artist, Reno Brothers.

GG Roberts' paintings are luminous with an undercurrent of dread.

Firlefanz Gallery: The pulse of the people, the art of the greats. Gone now, but not forgotten.

Twisted Pair: Video performance artists - my live performance collaborators.

The Chapel and Cultural Center at Rensselaer: My favorite performance space, featuring a large wood ceiling and a perfect video screen.

J. Eric Smith: Used to run the C+CC; now writes intelligently about music and modern culture.

Paul Rapp: A client, and the official lawyer for my musical empire.

John Caldwell: Long time friend (and one of the funniest people I know.)

Ian Pyper: Obsessive, energetic, mystical, rhythmic drawings and paintings.

Duplex Planet: A nursing home, a newspaper, a way of looking at life.

Matt Sesow: Self-teaching expressionist painter, eye-popping paintings.

Douglas Truth: He paints with light. Suddenly I can see some point in visiting California.

Because I know you want to learn blacksmithing, you just haven't had a chance yet: Oak and Acorn. There's some jewelry I covet there as well.

Filmmaker Jeff Knight is the creator of "The Woods" and "Euthyphro's Dilemma," both impressive full-length features created on a shoestring. He also offers a full range of commercial film services.

Sergio Sericolo's vivid and organic collages, drawings and paintings.

Jim Lewis: furniture maker, artist, woodworker. Wish I could afford this stuff.

My friend Robert Gullie's photographs are surreal and dreamlike. How is it that the friendliest, nicest, most normal people create the creepiest work? (And I know whereof I speak here...)
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Tribute To Gregory Bateson

Ryu (3) - Tribute To Gregory Bateson

Label: MiMi Records
Catalog#: Mi044
Format: File, MP3
Country: Portugal
Released: 11 Nov 2005
Genre: Electronickafkahon.jpg
Style: Abstract, IDM, Ambient
Rating: 3.5/5 (2 votes) Rate It
Submitted by: grantcorp

1 The Monks From Brityia And Kalmuykia (3:33)
2 Rageli Of Kolima (14:41)
3 La Ceremonie Du Naven (8:15)
4 Lebensumstaende Abstammung (9:23)

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an ominous journey

press kit
Press Release: Kyzyl To Samarkand

Kyzyl To Samarkand

New music from ethereal vocalist-composer Sara Ayers
and dark ambient experimentalist Ryuta.K

Kyzyl To Samarkand is the culmination of a year-long collaboration between Japanese dark ambient experimentalist Ryuta.K and US vocalist-composer Sara Ayers.

The music is foreboding, ethereal, plaintive and dense; diaphanous vocals float over surreal beds of field recordings, molten noise and nervous guitars, evoking the sound of an ominous yet ecstatic journey on a pan-Asian silk road. The entire 51-minute, 5-song project is available both on CD and by download.

Tokyo-Chiba based experimental musician Ryuta.K (oVdk & Bunk Data, Overdose Kunst, Ryu) creates electronic and electro-acoustic sonic textures that he describes as “Post sampling kinetic non-hierarchical nonlinear non-equilibrium forth world muziq!"

New York composer Sara Ayers creates haunting soundscapes using her voice: sampled, layered, looped and pitch-shifted, building intricately woven washes of sounds that ebb and flow from delicate lullabies to banshee wails.

Kyzyl To Samarkand, a 5-song, 51-minute collaboration with Japanese dark ambient experimentalist Ryuta.K. A year in the making, the music is foreboding, ethereal, disturbing, plaintive and dense; diaphanous vocals float over surreal beds of field recordings, molten noise and nervous guitars, evoking the sound of an ominous journey on a pan-Asian silk road.

One-minute sample

ONE Golden Warrior Prince of Saka – An uneasy balance between lust and anxiety in the face of the unknowable.

TWO Invisible Cities – A sonic journey through an imaginary landscape; as time goes by, one sees the world with new eyes.
One-minute sample mp3

THREE Shirley Collins – Dense, dense, dense. A mixture of horror and ecstasy.
One-minute sample mp3

FOUR This Is What I Wanted – Dark and foreboding lyrics about disillusionment and alienation, over a gurgling bed of noise. But a little creepier than that sounds.
One-minute sample mp3

FIVE Kyzyl To Saramkand – Standing at the edge of vast expanse under darkening skies.
One-minute sample mp3

There are many mp3 files on this page, but due to server space limitations, almost all of them are low-bitrate, 64kps files.

Crystal-clear high-bitrate mp3 and flac file downloads, as well as cover art, are available from musiczeit.com, or you can buy the CDs.
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List of ambient artists

List of ambient artistsblue district.jpg
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This is a list of ambient music artists. This includes artists who have either been very important to the genre or have had a considerable amount of exposure (such as in the case of one that has been on a major label, but not limited to such). This list does not include little-known local artists. Artists are listed by the first letter in their name (not including the words "a", "an", or "the"), and individuals are listed by last name.
Contents Top · 0–9 · A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

[edit] A

* Philip Aaberg
* William Ackerman
* Acoustic Alchemy
* Adiemus
* Aeoliah
* Aes Dana
* Air
* Airiel
* The Album Leaf
* Ambeon
* Amp
* Androcell
* Anomalous Disturbances
* Anugama
* Aphex Twin
* David Arkenstone
* Diane Arkenstone
* Ash Ra Tempel
* James Asher
* Atom Heart
* Augustine Leudar
* Australis

[edit] B

* Bad Sector
* Bass Communion
* Bruno Sanfilippo
* Peter Baumann
* Bluetech
* Boards of Canada
* Richard Bone
* Thom Brennan
* Michael Brook
* Harold Budd
* Burzum (later works)
* Ray Buttigieg
* Wally Badarou
* John Boswell
* Bowery Electric
* Bunk data&Ovdk
* Peter Buffett
* Peter Blake
* Buckethead (trance-ambient)
* Buddha Bar

[edit] C

* Carbon Based Lifeforms
* Wendy Carlos
* Clifford Carter (member of James Taylors band)
* Cell
* Chilled C'Quence
* Craig Chaquico
* Suzanne Ciani
* The Circular Ruins
* Tim Clark
* Clouddead
* Cluster
* Cocteau Twins
* Coil
* B.J. Cole (pedal steel gutairist)
* Colleen
* Contagious Orgasm
* Controlled Bleeding
* Crab Smasher
* Cusco
* Holger Czukay

[edit] D

* Deathprod
* De Facto (band)
* Dead Can Dance
* The Dead Texan
* Death Ambient
* Death Cube K
* Stuart Dempster
* Deutsch Nepal
* DJ Spooky
* Delerium
* Kurt Doles
* dreamSTATE
* Malcolm Dalglish
* David Darling
* Constance Demby
* Deuter
* Suzanne Doucet
* Dubasaurus Rex

[edit] E

* Earthstar
* Danielle Egnew
* Eluvium
* Emerald Web
* Justin Emerle
* Enigma
* Brian Eno
* Roger Eno
* Karlheinz Essl
* Enya
* Dean Evenson

[edit] F

* Tim Floyd
* Future Sound of London / Amorphous Androgynous
* Robert Fripp
* Don Falcone
* Falling Up
* Fantomas
* The Fireman
* Christopher Franke
* Freescha
* Edgar Froese
* Frou Frou
* Falling You
* Fumio
* Jim Fox
* Ben Frost

[edit] G

* Gas
* Peter Gabriel
* Global Communication
* Goldfrapp
* Gandalf
* Manuel Gottsching
* Guru Guru
* Grey Area
* Ruben Garcia
* Steve Gordon
* Jack Gates

[edit] H

* Rob Haigh
* Hammock
* Halo Manash
* Harmonia
* Jon Hassell
* Tom Heasley
* Higher Intelligence Agency
* Peter Hammill
* Tim Hecker
* Hum
* Michael Hedges
* Hemisphere

[edit] I

* Tetsu Inoue
* Rafael Anton Irisarri
* Mark Isham
* Ishq
* Ishvara
* Iasos (musician)

[edit] J

* Karl Jenkins
* Jean Michel Jarre
* Jeff Johnson
* Jaia
* Michael Jones
* Bradley Joseph
* Lee Johnson

[edit] K

* Karl Sanders
* Kater, Peter
* Karunesh
* Keller, Kevin
* Kern, Kevin
* Kettel
* Kingsland, Paddy
* Kitaro
* KLF, The
* Koan
* Thomas Köner
* Kraftwerk
* Krylov, Andrei
* Kuba

[edit] L

* Labradford
* Lammergeyer
* Daniel Lanois
* Bill Laswell
* Liquid Zen
* Loscil
* Lull
* Lusine
* Lustmord
* Lydia
* Ray Lynch
* David Lanz
* Laraaji
* Mars Lasar
* Ottmar Liebert
* Lightwave
* Thomas Leer
* Luminaria
* Brooke London
* Ro London

[edit] M

* Mothers Vibe Ambient Music and Art
* Maeror Tri
* Main
* Makyo
* Mariae Nascenti
* Matotumba
* Michael Stearns
* Moby
* Morgenstern
* Moodswings
* The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud
* Mythos
* Mannheim Steamroller
* Paul McCandless
* Loreena McKennitt
* Billy McLaughlin
* Robyn Miller
* Marconi Union
* John Mandeville
* Deborah Martin
* Mirror System

[edit] N

* Pete Namlook
* Neptune Towers
* R. Carlos Nakai (Native American flutist)
* Andy Narell
* Loren Nerell
* Kenneth Newby
* Nightingale
* Nightnoise
* Nine Inch Nails (mainly on The Fragile)
* No-Man
* Numina (Numina/Caul)

[edit] O

* Omar Rodriguez Lopez
* Ombient
* Omni Trio
* On! Air! Library!
* Open Canvas
* Overdose kunst
* The Orb
* William Orbit (Strange Cargo series)
* Orbital
* O Yuki Conjugate
* Patrick O'Hearn
* Mike Oldfield
* Coyote Oldman
* Vidna Obmana
* Odd Nosdam
* Jim Oliver
* Ovdk

[edit] P

* Jeff Pearce (American artist)
* Phish (The Siket Disc in particular)
* Pink Floyd
* Plastikman
* Popol Vuh
* Puff Dragon

[edit] R

* Radio Massacre International
* Radiohead
* Raison D'être
* Red
* Riceboy Sleeps
* Robert Rich
* Terry Riley
* Francis Rimbert
* Steve Roach
* Kim Robertson
* Hans-Joachim Roedelius
* Emmy Rossum
* Rothko
* Rurutia
* Ryuta.k

[edit] S

* Erik Satie
* Conrad Schnitzler
* Neal Schon (from Journey)
* Klaus Schulze
* Scorn
* Seay
* Shadowfax
* Shinjuku Thief
* Shpongle
* Shulman
* Michael Shrieve
* Shuttle Plume
* Sigur Rós
* Montana Skies
* Simon Slator
* Spacecraft
* Spacetime Continuum
* Spiral Realms
* Stars of the Lid
* Michael Stearns
* Sacred Fish Collections

[edit] T

* t.A.T.u (best known for their pop, electronica and alteernative rock, though also classified as ambient)
* Hirokazu Tanaka
* Takeshi.F(Usyukuro)
* Team Sleep
* Terre Thaemlitz
* Thom Brennan
* TimeShard
* Amon Tobin
* Troum
* Tuu
* Tangerine Dream
* 2002
* Henrik Takkenberg
* Devin Townsend
* Tosca

[edit] U

* Ulrich Schnauss
* Ulver
* Underworld

[edit] V

* Vangelis
* Edgard Varèse
* Velvet Cacoon

[edit] W

* Wavestar (with John Dyson)
* We All Inherit The Moon
* Within Temptation
* Simon Webb
* Windy & Carl
* Jah Wobble
* Woob
* Kit Watkins
* Paul Winter
* Paul Winter Consort
* Tim White

[edit] Y

* Kenji Yamamoto
* Susumu Yokota
* () Yapon kunst

[edit] Z

* Zero 7
* Zoviet France

[edit] References
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