hello Leftfield musicians

Music featuring :

A sound unlike anything else in the world: Angelite (formerly The Bulgarian State Radio and Television Choir)
An innovative and inspiring vocalist, my favorite work is ABoneCroneDrone... Sheila Chandra

Voices, drones, dischords... Mary Jane Leach

Kafka/Toward minor trivial

A technically impeccable vocalist working in adventurous areas: Sussan Deyhim

Dark, organic soundscapes, recorded in ambient spaces with long natural acoustic reverberation: The Tunnel Singer

Interesting vocal experimenter: Amy Denio

Moody, processed bass and ethereal vocals: Basque

Intrepid explorer of the human voice: Joan La Barbara

Binanaural recordings that play with your emotions and perceptions: Janet Cardiff

The reincarnation of Meredith Monk as a dancer: Susanna Hood

If Jane Sibbery made quirky ambient music instead of quirky pop music, she might sound like Jehn Cerron.

The ethereal music of Falling You, featuring John Zorko and a parade of female vocalists, including me.
Other dark/ambient/experimental music:

Avant ambient atmospheres that sound startling like my own: Embracing The Glass. I'm pretty sure Jeff can hit higher notes than I can; that's kind of annoying. But I forgive him, and we've collaborated on Thrice Thy Heart Shall Broken Be, a 3-song CD EP.

Ryuta.K: Dark, experimental soundscapes musician and inspirational collaborator.

Ambient soundscapes, darker than night: Mindspawn

Dark, spooky and spare ambient cello soundscapes: Lena

Wild, ancient, delicate soundscapes: The Glimmer Room

Exquisite music from Cologne, Germany that sound sometimes like late Roxy Music, sometimes like Philip Glass, sometimes like Kraftwerk (and in the last EMIL Festival, they used some of my vocal samples) Nebula Drone

Superb electro-acoustic ambient music with non-Western influences: Forrest Fang

Ambient, deep-chill and experimental: Stephen Phillips

Vocal improvisation and experimentation: Joseph Zitt

Dark, ethereal aural landscapes: Mara's Torment

Matthew Florianz's pieces are more visual and evocative than most films.

Ambient, electronic soundscapes, recorded live ...DreamSTATE

Ambient, experimental and improvisational cellist: cheryl o

Organic textures & atmospheres from one of the masters. This is what I pull out when I have insomnia: James Johnson

Hypnotic, warm, floaty noise: Interweaver

Beaches of sea glass and forests of hurricane lanterns...Quiet American

Pholde/Knurl are Alan Bloor's ambient and noise projects. Fall into them.

Diatonis: Clouds of light and dark, sometimes minimalist, ambience and videos.

Richard Lainhart's exquisite, meditative, engulfing music and films.

Sylken: stunningly beautiful, spacey, noir-ish ambience.
Music that that doesn't sound like mine:

A man's man, a vocalist's vocalist: Jackie Leven

Intelligent, playful, experimental, innovative avant-classical: Jupiter Circle

My pal, the diva...she transforms a room... Rosanne Raneri

Kevin Bartlett's music has been described as "Enigma meets Steve Hackett at Mike Oldfield's house."

A sad, quirky, smart outsider in an odd time signature...Veda Hille

An early influence of mine, and nobody sings like she does: Buffy Sainte-Marie

Fresh, intelligent jazz that makes you shut up and listen...Adrian Cohen

Acoustified punk/soul and intelligent running commentary... Bryan Thomas

Dark, ethereal pop...Amy Abdou

Experiments in chaos and perception: Zero Times Infinity

New music for Indonesian Instruments: Son Of Lion Gamelan

Mercury Rev's flautist Suzanne Thorpe's new project, The Wounded Knees

TLStone used to be a Moron, but now he's one of the Last Conspirators.

J Mundok:writer and musician. Complicated remains one of my favorite pop songs of all time, and Beginning, a sort of stations of the cross of the attack on the World Trade Center, always makes me weep.
Art and stuff

G. C. Haymes: My collaborator in life and art. He used to do this for a living. Now he does this for fun.

Charles Haymes: Space Art and Fantasy Worlds.

Ed Atkeson: Artist, ice sailor, typography expert and gallery owner.

Marie Triller: World class photographer and roller-blading buddy.

Michael Eck: Musician, Artist, Reno Brother.

Dennis Herbert:Musician, Artist, Reno Brothers.

GG Roberts' paintings are luminous with an undercurrent of dread.

Firlefanz Gallery: The pulse of the people, the art of the greats. Gone now, but not forgotten.

Twisted Pair: Video performance artists - my live performance collaborators.

The Chapel and Cultural Center at Rensselaer: My favorite performance space, featuring a large wood ceiling and a perfect video screen.

J. Eric Smith: Used to run the C+CC; now writes intelligently about music and modern culture.

Paul Rapp: A client, and the official lawyer for my musical empire.

John Caldwell: Long time friend (and one of the funniest people I know.)

Ian Pyper: Obsessive, energetic, mystical, rhythmic drawings and paintings.

Duplex Planet: A nursing home, a newspaper, a way of looking at life.

Matt Sesow: Self-teaching expressionist painter, eye-popping paintings.

Douglas Truth: He paints with light. Suddenly I can see some point in visiting California.

Because I know you want to learn blacksmithing, you just haven't had a chance yet: Oak and Acorn. There's some jewelry I covet there as well.

Filmmaker Jeff Knight is the creator of "The Woods" and "Euthyphro's Dilemma," both impressive full-length features created on a shoestring. He also offers a full range of commercial film services.

Sergio Sericolo's vivid and organic collages, drawings and paintings.

Jim Lewis: furniture maker, artist, woodworker. Wish I could afford this stuff.

My friend Robert Gullie's photographs are surreal and dreamlike. How is it that the friendliest, nicest, most normal people create the creepiest work? (And I know whereof I speak here...)
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